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Customer Service (#888.203.025) 

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I like to think about solutions to problems and new ideas. I enjoy creating and developing something new.
My work tends to be systematic, structured and targeted. I enjoy gathering information, analysing problems and solving complex issues.
I am capable of drawing up plans to deal with the work in hand, setting clear priorities, and organising my own work methodically.
I tend to find it easy to take decisions. Occasionally I prefer to lead the way and guide a project according to my own ideas.
I am an outgoing and sociable person. I sometimes spontaneously approach people I do not know and strike up a conversation with them. I am an active listener and usually manage to take part constructively in discussions.
I tend to do something rather than wait. I usually find it easy to knuckle down, drive my work forward, get through my to-do list, and get things done.
Wherever possible I avoid administrative matters and only deal with them when it's really necessary. Tidiness is a necessary evil for me and I often regard rules and regulations as restrictive.
As a rule I prefer to work - and I work more efficiently - in a team, even though I have no difficulty working alone to achieve a goal.
Willingness to take risks
Sometimes I also take a risk, believing that "if things don't work out, it's no disaster".
Attention to detail
I work precisely, even though I'm well aware that I'm investing quite a lot of time as a result.
Focused on one's immediate surroundings
I usually let myself be guided by my own thoughts and emotions. My strength lies more in observing, reflecting and getting to the bottom of things.
I tend to rely on facts and figures when it comes to assessing situations and taking decisions

Balance Implementation Sense of humour Independence Social aspects Security Travel Resilience Discipline Promotion Decision Nature Willingness to take risks Analysis Powers of observation Learning aptitude Initiative Teamwork Self-confidence Social commitment Communication Achievement Fact-orientated Perseverance Politics A sense of belonging Motivation Remuneration Power Assertiveness Inventiveness Sport Reliability Administration Focused on one's immediate surroundings Culture Capacity for enthusiasm Attention to detail Loyalty Creation Hobbies
Responsibility Self-criticism Recognition Adaptability Family + friends

Persönliche Angaben

Roy Hill
49 Jahre

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in der ganzen  Schweiz


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Sekundarstufe II

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